Avenida Blasco Ibañez 18, Bj 1-4, Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain

Costa Blanca Construction S.L is a local innovative company specialising in integral construction, having a passion for the art of construction, and developing their builds with the single focus of delivering a home of their clients dreams.

Our company Costa Blanca Construction S.L work with local trades and suppliers, focusing on supporting the economy of our community. Our suppliers are high quality businesses who handle and deliver our orders in a quick and personalised manner. With our suppliers we work hard together with the objective of achieving a high standard finish for our clients.

Our goal is to develop our builds to the highest standard demanded by European markets. Costa Blanca Construction S.L is a Spanish company which thinks in a European way when dealing with every individual development, ensuring they reach the highest European standards.

Our clients are guaranteed our full dedication to finish the projects on time and with the highest technical knowledge.

We offer a Decenal guarantee of ten years in structures.

The best part of our company Costa Blanca Construction S.L is our human resources department, We have a team of technicians and professionals who work with a fresh and modern thinking process, are determined and enjoy working hard to meet the requirements given by our clients. Everything is dealt with to give the best experience, starting with the single objective identified from the beginning of the build, working with extensive communication each contributing new ideas in the hopes of enriching and improving the final finish.

Since establishing our company we have fought to improve market prices, which has led us to important alliances with other solid and established companies. All of them offering us the best of their services at the lowest cost, without sacrificing quality or guarantee.

Overall we form a large and friendly company characterised by the same objective of finishing our projects on time, at the lowest cost and with the highest standard of quality possible.

We are always ready to innovate and apply new trends in the construction sector.

Our company Costa Blanca Construction S.L will take care of everything associated with the construction of new work, licence, lawyers, authorisation requests for permits, in front of the relevant authorities, etc. We are also committed to the environment, managing our waste safely.

We specialise in the new work from plans and 3D designs, development of the bases, structure, brick insulation closing, interior finishes, plumbing, electricity, domotics, external and internal design and decoration. Until the exchanging of keys, our clients will be reassured that everything will be taken care of.

Our lengthy experience in this type of service teaches us every day how to minimise the stress that these builds may cause our clients and our team will be available throughout the whole process to reduce the stress or worries our clients may have.

For your new home our company Costa Blanca Construction S.L is the best choice in Costa Blanca.


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